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Planet Of The Apps Is 'The Business'

Those that know me well, know that I have a passion for business and a passion for tech. So when Apple, a company that I’m fond of released their first original series, Planet of the Apps, it certainly caught my attention and after the first episode, I was hooked!

What came next, however, was a surprise. While watching YouTube, my ‘up next’ started to list several videos that featured an onslaught on the show, ripping the platform apart. There were a number of negative views however it was hard to differentiate what was the hate aimed at the show versus the hate against Apple, which is a huge shame.

Were these simply Android fanboys, people jealous of Apple, people that think they understand the tech or business world but actually have no clue or just people that lacked the taste for ‘good TV’. 

So after so many videos titled ‘What’s wrong with Apples, Planet of the Apps’, and negative reviews, here’s all that’s right with the show and its platform. 

From an outsider, the best way to describe the show is simple; it’s a tech based ‘Dragons Den’ (or ‘Shark Tank’ depending on where in the world you’re based) with a hint of ‘The Voice’ however the stars of the show are app developers. Yes, the guy or girl who stereotypically sits in the corner of the room with headphones on and a hoodie up, coding. 

Why is this show different? Firstly, we are celebrating this generations ‘rockstars’ which is fantastic. If you understand the millennial mindset, you’ll know that 10 years ago kids wanted to grow up to be sports stars, actors or models… Now they want to be the next Steve Jobs or Murk Zuckerberg! Why? Well, that’s very simple; “What’s sexier than a million dollars? A billion dollars!!”

Now back to the platform; you have 4 judges that have a business background. Jessica Alba,, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk which make up a well-rounded panel which is diverse, creative and experienced. 

Then you have your developers who have 30 seconds to develop an elevator style pitch. 

The developers travel down an escalator and once it reaches the bottom, the judges choose if they want to hear more by selecting on their iPads either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in what feels like a ‘Voice’ style chair spin moment but with tech. 

In my opinion, there is no better way of bringing that ‘elevator pitch’ to life. And this isn't where the business language and acronyms stop.

Once you pair up with a judge who becomes your mentor you go on to a development phase where you have 6 weeks before you are in front of a VC (venture capitalist) in hopes for an investment to turn your app into a credible business.

So why is this different to the ‘Shark Tank’ model or any other show where the investor, be it Simon Cowell, Peter Jones or Mark Cuban seeks a return on investment from the product, be it a person or an invention? 

Well with this model, we understand the journey more from all aspects. Unlike other shows which can come across as a popularity contest or an investors way to justify their relevance by boasting about what they do and why they are amazing and how much money they have, Planet of the Apps helps you understand the developer, the product, the journey and process that has taken place, the mentor (which is an underrated aspect) and through to the investor and the journey of what they are looking for with relevant feedback which leads to the ‘take to market’ which is where the show leads. 

You see, the star of the show in this instance is the talent, being the developer and the product, not the investor. 

When we watch other platforms, once there has been a fight of who's more popular, you don't see any other part of the journey past the handshake and % split of investment.

Planet of the Apps shows a fascinating part of the journey which becomes it’s USP and differentiator. 

Understand this, there are often people that go on shows like Dragons Den/Shark Tank or The Voice/Pop Idol not because they want the money so much, but because they want the contact book or the investor. They want the platform to talk to people that can make decisions and for that, they have to make a sacrifice. Is the return on investment fair for the inventor or artist? That’s a matter of opinion. 

In this instance, the developer is paired with a mentor who gives valuable advice and experience for no return and we go on a journey as the business model grows. Apple also includes you in the production by breaking down the acronyms, which is something the other shows leave out assuming you know, however, this really brings the show to life and helps you become part of the journey. 

As you build your business plan and pitch for the venture capitalists, your mentor comes with you to the pitch to validate your App and business model which brings credibility to the table from a reliable backer. 

This is extremely rare and rounded. This show is 360 and the real deal. Regardless of the whether you get an investment and backing from the venture capitalist you then end with a ‘take to market’ where Apple will tell the viewers where you can download the apps featured on the show and effectively market the app to its viewer with an update of where the App is now. 

Unlike in the other shows where we only see the finishing product months or even years down the line if we so happen to stumble across it on a shelf in a supermarket, or see an endorsement labels “as seen on Shark Tank” which the episode has now been lost or even if we see a music single launch and then we revisit the journey. In this instance, the ‘call to action’ is reversed. Here’s the product, this is the personality behind it, the journey it went on, now go and get it!

Far from, “here’s a show, here’s the sob story, insert popularity contest”, now we’ll miss the journey and then hopefully you’ll see this on a shelf at some point and then put the two journeys together. At this point we either go back to search for the episode it was on or wait for the next series to launch where they introduce a “Where are they now”, episode. 

For those that are complaining about the product placement from Apple, I’d love to understand the issue here? In this show, Apple is the university or even the agency that bring these people together. Apple created the App Store which has revolutionised the mobile industry and the platform for the show. Why shouldn't we see their products? 

It brings a clean aesthetic to the show and helps bring the products to life. 

Now check it out for yourself - 


Brettington's Steak and Lobster House

Having recently decided to explore Kent, it was important that I found somewhere that served up my favourite dish and did it well. 
After a bit of research, one place kept coming up at the top of the search engine and that was Brettingtons restaurant in Rochester. 

As with a lot of the local restaurants in Kent, with their old fashioned, chic design, the website made the place look homely, greeted with a mouth watering cut of meat on the grill and as you scroll the page you notice the outline of the cow, dividing it into each cut so you can understand the meat you’re about to taste and where it comes from. Admittedly, as a frequent diner, I do find that when a business educates their customers in this way, they do tend to know their meat and it’s usually cut to perfection. 

My drive through Rochester town centre was interesting, it felt like a throwback, several decades back which was interesting. It makes you feel aware of the town's history and the reason why the buildings are listed and not adapted with the times. 

But that awareness also comes with a sense of comfort. Once I entered the restaurant it was far more upbeat and comfortable. We were greeted by a host who informed us that our table wasn’t ready yet however offered us a seat at the bar. The drinks menu was vast and you could hear through to the restaurant the atmosphere was lively. It was like each stage you went through, you got more from the experience. Once we got through to our seats within the restaurant, there was another bar, this time with a mixologist, spinning bottled and throwing drinks around which instantly made you want to sample the cocktail menu, which we did. 

Brettingtons, being a steak and lobster house combined my two favourite foods, which made the decision process extremely hard… Or, well, pretty easy, I went with both! It was an occasion after all. 

The menu was strong so we started with deep fried calamari, a firm favourite of mine as a started wherever I go, accompanied by ‘Peel & Lick Shrimp’ (dressed king prawns cooked in garlic butter and their own BBQ spiced rub) and BBQ chicken wings. 

The menu really does have a lot of options across both fish and meat. I opted for my steak from the ‘Steak Specials’ section of the menu. Getting Brettingtons Porterhouse T-Bone, 28 days mattered British grass-fed cattle coming in at 26oz (750gr @ £34.95) In my opinion, if you’re naming a steak after your restaurant then you must be confident. It’s like when you name your child, Jr. You command a different level of respect. And it can be hard to come across a good T-Bone so it was surely a win/win. I won even further when I made it ‘surf & turf’ by adding grilled prawns and a large lobster. Don’t judge me, I love to indulge. 

But less about what I ordered and more about how it tasted. I think that when you open a business outside of a major city you need to be really competitive or have such great food and service that people come back and you spread with word of mouth. Well, the latter certainly is the case here. 
The staff were clearly trained to a high level while the food was top quality. The steak cooked well and the cut of meat was spot on. The quality of the king prawns across both starters and mains were perfect. They felt ‘meaty’ and full of quality while seasoned well bringing out the flavour. 
The lobster did not feel commercial which I feel over the past few years, lobster is a dish that is becoming more and more degraded. It’s becoming a fashion statement and restaurants are getting away with pushing out low-quality fish, over priced to say they serve lobster. This certainly wasn’t the case in this instance.

You certainly could tell this establishment specialises in quality meat and fish. 

After some great starters and a perfect main course, it was only right to try the dessert menu... And it certainly did not disappoint whatsoever. The waffles topped with strawberries with a side of strawberry ice cream, really did round off a perfect evening. 

Overall it was a great dining experience and one I would certainly do all over again. 



I'll get straight to the point... It's hard for me to find somewhere that does a better steak than Goodman's. But let me tell you why...

There is something a little special about pulling up a table outside one of your favourite spots in Mayfair while taking a break from your shopping, having the ability to order a fine, Cuban cigar of your choice, which we went for the Hoyo de Monterrey, Epicure Especial and a glass of chilled Patrol, Anejo, two large ice cubes and a cut of lime so you can sip and enjoy all of the flavours and experience it's ageing process as you hold it on your tongue before allowing it to slide down your throat to help catch up and unwind with friends or colleagues. 

The waiter happily brings over a cigar cutter and lighter along with the menu to help you explore a fine array of options, and I must say, the service is of the highest quality. 

If you own a bar or restaurant, this is exactly how I would suggest you create an atmosphere. As a customer or client, being able to unwind and relax and slowly explore our options certainly allowed us the comfort to be free and decide to sample a vast array of the Michelin Star menu. 

Our steak of choice was the Angus beef, 150 day, rib eye coming in at 400g. With a Bernaise sauce. I added a grilled lobster tail with garlic butter which also doubled as an alternate sauce for my steak. The sides were easy to pick and I could have chose them all however along with the lobster I had the spinach, creamed with gruyere cheese, beef dripping chips and mac & cheese with truffle sauce and parmesan. 

Each side complimented the steak and was delicious. To the point that each fork full of steak was rotated across the starters. It was divine. And the steak was so juicy and perfectly cooked. You could hold it on your tongue and feel the flavours explode in your mouth. My steak, cooked medium well was cooked to perfection. The marbled fat had a perfect crisp to it which held in the flavours, releasing them as your teeth sliced through the muscle of the meat with each chew. And the consistency throughout was amazing. The centre of the meat was cooked perfectly. Even my friends medium rare cut was delicious and perfectly flavoured and chewy, as they say steak should always be cooked. Even I myself was a fan. 

This steak in my opinion at £35 was under priced. The value for money from the meat was tremendous. I'm not sure of your budget as you read this however when it comes to food, you should never begrudge paying for quality. Eating out is an experience, not a necessity so with that said, you make your choice before you walk up to your chosen diner/restaurant. If you fancy chicken, you may opt for KFC or Nando's, a burger, you'll opt for a McDonald's or Five Guys, either way, you know what you're expecting before you enter the doors.

As someone living in London, I am seeing Gaucho's popping up all over the place. A restaurant that used to be quite exclusive is now a local hangout to 'the city slicker'. However I have a problem with this. When it comes to taste and flavour, Gaucho is the McDonalds to Goodman's Five Guys. The separation between KFC and Nando's.... However one huge thing stands out to me and that's the bill. I do not see that the two restaurants should be so equally priced. In fact, I often find Gaucho's pricier, especially when trying to achieve the best possible cut of meat. 

So what drives you when deciding where you're going to eat. Value for money, quality of food, atmosphere, menu options, service?

Well hands down, whatever the occasion, I would certainly recommend Goodman's as the place to eat.


The name alone has become synonymous with fine dining in Essex. It has become the hangout for professional footballers and celebrities which you would expect, knowing the Lord Sugar owns the place. 

I remember my first time at Sheesh a few years ago, it was far more relaxed. I was in my work uniform and trainers, I had a mixed grill which was delicious then got on with my evening.

Now, on the other hand, it's a dining experience. One that firstly, make sure you book in advance and be prepared to be disappointed if you haven't booked ahead. When you make your reservation they remind you that you need to dress smart and ensure you wear shoes. At this point, you begin to understand the experience you're about to have. 

When you arrive you pull into the carpark and the valet helps you park, which is rare in the UK. Then as you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a doorman that insists you don't move until you can confirm your reservation. Security is clearly tight which is understandable, even though it was a Tuesday night and a casual 'date night setting', the table behind us was being hosted by premiership footballers which were able to relax and blend freely into the background. For this, I can't complain. 

But let's get to the 'nitty gritty', the food! Spoiler alert* - It was fantastic!

To start, as we were at a Mediterranean restaurant I felt it was only natural to order the 'Cacik' (Cucumber, garlic & mint with fresh youghurt) which came with a selection of homemade bread. I also had to try my 'go to' starter of calamari or 'Kalamar Tava' (Pan fried squid in white wine, tomato & basil) which was delicious! While my partner opted for the mushroom dish, 'Taze Mantar' (Creamy garlic button mushrooms, topped with cheese) which was so special that when I was offered to taste, it soon became my second starter as my fork revisited the plate past the point of politeness. 

Usually, the starter acts as a course that helps supplement the main and slow down your eating to build up to your main course. Not in this case. It was an appetiser that made me so excited as my mouth had experienced such flavours that I was curious to what my mouth was going to experience soon. 

With the open kitchen and grill beside you, it's easy to find yourself looking over at the kitchen waiting for your main, despite the fact that your fork is still stimulating your starter.

... And then it came! Our steak dish, 'Biftek Mariana' (Fillet Steak with a mushroom, onion & creamy white wine sauce, 250g) Even whilst writing this a week later, I am taken back to how amazing it tasted. Accompanied by chips and spinach, with the steak topped with the mushroom which resembled the starters, this main was special. The cut of meat was to such a high standard and the quality of flavours and tastes were divine.

The atmosphere throughout the evening was relaxed and certainly a place you can be comfortable in, with a great ambience. 

The venue does seem that it is occupied more for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, however, I would certainly recommend it as somewhere to eat as often as possible and try the vast menu... Don't leave it just for an anniversary, treat her just becuase! 

Now for me... Time to get my membership. 

Mac & Wild

This was my second visit to Mac & Wilds. The first, we had already eaten and were looking for somewhere that looked cool and relaxed to drink. As we entered and were greeted by the concierge we quickly found out that there was a basement stocked with bespoke whiskies which really suited the mood. The lighting was perfect, it was cosy and the decor suited the city vibe.

But let's take this back slightly... Because as we were filtered down to the basement on this Friday evening, we passed a loud room which you could tell the atmosphere was nothing less than 'vibrant'. In fact, the atmosphere was so good, you couldn't help but look over your shoulder on the way past and down the stairs thinking that you were passing a really cool party that you were not invited to. 

Immediately we agreed that we need to come back and try the dining experience. So we did! Were we let down? Read on to find out...

This time we passed through a lot earlier so the atmosphere was different, it was more relaxed and intimate however that changed throughout the evening as more of the 'city boys' were leaving the office. 

Our waitress was personal, sat down beside us and helped us through the menu as admittedly it was intimidating. I say this because I often read the word haggis. Not the most glamourous of sounding delicacies which worries me as we don't really know what's in it or what it's about. Yet our waitress explained it well enough to make it appetising. So we added it to our vast order which consisted of haggis mac 'n' cheese, a venison scotch egg, fish bites, dirty buttery mash with gravy and some winter slaw... Did I mention these were just our sides? Because we also got the venison steak which came with chips and as the menu boasted that the 'Veni - Moo' was "Voted London's Best Burger 2016", which consists of a beef patty, venison patty, cheese, béarnaise & caramelised onions served on a brioche bun... And we added the bacon!!

A feast for some... Or just a typical Thursday evening for my eating buddy and I. 

For me, the stand out was the venison scotch egg. Something I would come back for. The mash and gravy was great, it certainly stood out as a wonderful winter dish. The haggis mac 'n' cheese was unique. You could taste the haggis for sure which added a dynamic which worked well if I am honest and certainly a positive surprise. The venison steak disappointed me personally however as a steak lover, the texture and feel didn't quite sit well with me. 

Now on to the burger... 'Voted London's Best Burger' it wasn't for me which made me wonder what it was up against. Did the burger taste good? Of course, it was a burger! Not only was it a burger; but it consisted of two patties, one beef, the other venison. An adventurous combination that really worked. Oh... And we added bacon which can only help the dynamic. The burger was really tasty however I really do need to try the rest of the burgers on the 'short list'. 

I can honestly say, that the dining experience was unique. It felt like a hearty, British meal which if I'm honest, is hard to come by nowadays in London. Not only that, this is executed with class. imagine knowing exactly where your food was sourced from and how humanely it was killed. Unless you're a vegetarian it actually brings a calm to your meal which usually it's a subject that I personally never consider or think of while dining. 

Overall, the experience was relaxed, fun and tasty. Would I go back? Probably not. Why? Becuase it's an experience and I have done exactly that, experienced it. Would I recommend it? Certainly! Enjoy the evening, enjoy the service and have a great night with a great atmosphere and great service. Then finish the evening off at the bar with a fantastic choice of drinks because the atmosphere really does entice you to stay and relax. 

Sahara Grill

Sometimes it's nice to go out for a good quality meal but make it as casual as you like... Dress it up or dress it down, that's your call. But whichever you choose, let's talk about the food. 

Sahara Grill has been a favourite of mine for some time now, mainly because it's local, it's friendly with fantastic hospitality and of course... The food is delicious. 

Yes, it's not often I throw the words delicious around however do not just take my word for it. If my opinion is questionable, let me assure you that over the years, whoever I have taken as a guest has agreed. 

Let's also take in the fact that it's so easy for me to run the bill up as I cannot simply settle for just 1, 2 or 3 options. 

But let's talk about my most recent visit... I had to get the chicken wings to start. And I highly recommend that you do also! Why? Gosh... They're crispy on the outside and with that, you feel the crunch as you sink your teeth in, where you immediately collide with the soft, juicy centre. 

The wings take me back to my time in the US where wings are king. Certainly not your typical wing found outside specialist spots in London. For a restaurant that sits on the border of East London and Essex that does not specialise in chicken wings whatsoever, they are certainly punching above their own weight and a must try. 

On to my main, I always get the steak, without fail whenever I come to Sahara Grill. On this occasion, I opted for the ribeye. You get a decent piece of halal meat topped with easily one of the best homemade gravies I have experienced. The gravy is seasoned well and marinated with onions which really help bring out the flavour of the meat. 

I also ask the waiter to ensure that they cover my chips with the gravy also. I insist you try this also, simply put, it's an orgasm in your mouth. And when is that not a good thing? 

Along with my main, I also ordered a side of the lamb chops which usually are a starter but I think make a perfect side when you love to pack as much meat into a meal as possible. They come flame grilled, well marinated and on a bed of fried onions. Full of flavour and taste.

Finally, I have to say that I strongly recommend their home made coleslaw. It has a nice sweet kick to it, very subtle and really helps bring out the flavours and the dynamic of the food. 

Overall, it's always a great experience and the hospitality is always great. You feel the owners genuinely value their customers which goes a long way in the service department. 

Simply put, I recommend Sahara Grill highly as an all round dining experience. The do cater for large groups and small simple 'in and out' dining so whatever the occasion you'll fit in. 

The Swan

I have been recommended The Swan on a few occasions by several people living in Kent, so it clearly comes with a reputation. Therefore it would be rude not to check it out.

The bar/restaurant certainly is quaint and sits in a cosy little village within Kent. When entering the restaurant we were greeted and told that our table would be a 10-minute wait and directed to the bar. Usually, I detect this as a ploy to push the bill up which can be quite frustrating however this was soon forgotten when I started to explore the cocktail the menu. I was happy to sample a couple of the cocktails on the menu by this time and no longer cared that the table was now taking longer than the 10-minute estimation despite the booking. 

Throughout the host reconnected with us and once seated the service was fantastic throughout. We swiftly ordered a bottle of rose prosecco to set the mood for the table. The menu great. It was British food taken to another level. The combination of flavours which complemented one another were fantastic. Specifically my starters, a crispy duck egg, chorizo and wild mushroom ragout, quince and apple. Let me bring this to life for you... It was like a scotch egg wrapped with chorizo and I cannot praise the combination of mushroom and apple. Something I'm sure many do not think of however this worked so well.

On to the main, I opted for the grass-fed steak with a side of glazed carrots. The combination again worked well. The steak was a good cut of meat cooked well and the carrots were outstanding. 

The dining experience was relaxed and the service was so great, it encouraged us to relax and stay for longer, sipping on prosecco and enjoying the atmosphere. With that said, when being given the desert menu it would have been rude to not take a look. And then I stumbled across the 'tea poached pear' which was in a hazelnut crumble and served with honeycomb ice cream. 

I'm not a desert fan, however, this stood out to me. I would order this dessert over and over again.

All three courses were great, the atmosphere was perfect and the drinks were fantastic. This is a dining experience I would love to try again. 


Burger Priest

A brand new American restaurant in Chatham. Kent. A little town with not much going on... Well, this sure spiced things up. 

As someone that's recently relocated to Kent I have found it extremely challenging to find various restaurants in comparison to my upbringing in East London and Essex. So to hear there was a new 'burger joint' in town, got me excited. 

My aim was simple, to pass by on a Sunday, cut out the Sunday roast and get a burger and see what else was on the menu... And this is where the challenge began for me. So many variations of burgers, could be expected by my eyes tweaked when I registered there we hotdogs also on the menu. This dilemma was quickly solved (...or so I thought), "I'll get a burger and hotdog and cut out the fries", I said, until my eyes panned from left to right and I realised they served poutine. Yes, poutine! So what was I going to do? As my eyes continued to inspect the menu, I noticed the sides and my Achilles heel was noticed; 'Mac 'n' Cheese'. 

So what was supposed to be a chilled, casual Sunday bite to eat turned in to a decision that took me back to when I had to choose which subject's I was going to pick for my GCSE's. 

In typical Shayne fashion I decided to just throw it all in the mix and deal with the consequences later... And in this case, the consequences were the calorie count. 

So I opted for the 'Mac & Cheese Dog', this was a no brainier! Not only did I have the luxury of adding 'Mac & Cheese' to a hot dog but it came with bacon. At this point my mouth was watering while I was deciding what burger to choose so I went in to default mode; "What is the biggest and most expensive burger on the menu. This is my way of testing a restaurant and finding out what it's signature piece is. And in the case of Burger Priest, it was 'The David v Goliath'. I instantly heard the voices in my head screaming "do it, do it, do it!" and who am I to ignore those voices when they're just thinking of my succulent pallet. 

So I had my burger and dog selected, so now we move on to the poutine. This was pretty easy for me as from the three choices, one was simply names 'The Ultimate Poutine'. Over thinking this was simply wasting time between me placing my order and it being in my mouth. Fries with sweet cure bacon (which was cut extremely generously and thick) sautéed onions, spring onions, real cheese curds topped with gravy. 

To drink? Well I had to decide between a bottomless soda or a milkshake... Yes, you guessed it. I chose both. But to justify this, it was a lot of food and I would naturally need something to wash it down with and as soon as I noticed the Mint Choc-Chip shake made with ice cream I couldn't resist. 

So now it was time to go up and make my order. Pay first and then return to your seat to be served. The kitchen is open plan so you can see your food being prepared and as you read back the menu and mentally taste what's coming, you can't help but start to give the chef the "hurry up with my food" glare. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. And with every tray that left the kitchen I got excited hoping it was mine, to be disappointed. But then it was a decent sized order... And then it came. 

The service was good and the staff were friendly and on point. As I set my stance to take the obligatory Instagram picture, I was torn between my camera and planting my face directly in to the tray which the food is served directly on to.

The burger is usually my 'go to' and this one had 4, 100% Aberdeen Angus patties, layered with Monterey Jack cheese, filled with toppings (salad) served in a brioche bun however the hot dog looked visually perfect. It was looking up at me and I could see the crispy bacon glistening between the Mac & Cheese and before I knew it a single bite soon turned in to its demise. I barely remember the second bite as the first was so mesmerising. The rest is history. 

At this point my milkshake hadn't arrived yet so it was time for a very quick sip of my Fanta to clear my pallet before my fork pierced through the fries ensuring I had a perfect ratio of bacon and mixed onions to compliment the serving. Again, it was so good, I immediately went back for more. Now it was time for the reason I left my house for the day; The burger! 4 patties and cheese and I was going to sink my teeth in with one bite ensuring I tore through each layer. 

I feel my day was complete as by this point, my milkshake had arrived. I felt like I was in an American diner for the moment and I'd tasted the American dream forgetting I was in Dockside, Chatham. 

With all of these flavours inside me as I go back and further between my burger and the poutine I began to think. How does this rate on my burger experience? And I've experienced a LOT of burgers. I can honestly say that the poutine is one of the best I've ever tasted, if not, the best. A bold statement. The hotdog, was a dream, I could have happily had a second. But the burger... I'm not sure I can rate it in my top 10. Despite there being 4 patties, the burger to bun ratio was not there. The patties were dry in comparison to the other dishes I'd tasted but I could forgive it. It was certainly the best burger in a 10 mile radius which meant, it is the place to be for fast food in the area.