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I'll get straight to the point... It's hard for me to find somewhere that does a better steak than Goodman's. But let me tell you why...

There is something a little special about pulling up a table outside one of your favourite spots in Mayfair while taking a break from your shopping, having the ability to order a fine, Cuban cigar of your choice, which we went for the Hoyo de Monterrey, Epicure Especial and a glass of chilled Patrol, Anejo, two large ice cubes and a cut of lime so you can sip and enjoy all of the flavours and experience it's ageing process as you hold it on your tongue before allowing it to slide down your throat to help catch up and unwind with friends or colleagues. 

The waiter happily brings over a cigar cutter and lighter along with the menu to help you explore a fine array of options, and I must say, the service is of the highest quality. 

If you own a bar or restaurant, this is exactly how I would suggest you create an atmosphere. As a customer or client, being able to unwind and relax and slowly explore our options certainly allowed us the comfort to be free and decide to sample a vast array of the Michelin Star menu. 

Our steak of choice was the Angus beef, 150 day, rib eye coming in at 400g. With a Bernaise sauce. I added a grilled lobster tail with garlic butter which also doubled as an alternate sauce for my steak. The sides were easy to pick and I could have chose them all however along with the lobster I had the spinach, creamed with gruyere cheese, beef dripping chips and mac & cheese with truffle sauce and parmesan. 

Each side complimented the steak and was delicious. To the point that each fork full of steak was rotated across the starters. It was divine. And the steak was so juicy and perfectly cooked. You could hold it on your tongue and feel the flavours explode in your mouth. My steak, cooked medium well was cooked to perfection. The marbled fat had a perfect crisp to it which held in the flavours, releasing them as your teeth sliced through the muscle of the meat with each chew. And the consistency throughout was amazing. The centre of the meat was cooked perfectly. Even my friends medium rare cut was delicious and perfectly flavoured and chewy, as they say steak should always be cooked. Even I myself was a fan. 

This steak in my opinion at £35 was under priced. The value for money from the meat was tremendous. I'm not sure of your budget as you read this however when it comes to food, you should never begrudge paying for quality. Eating out is an experience, not a necessity so with that said, you make your choice before you walk up to your chosen diner/restaurant. If you fancy chicken, you may opt for KFC or Nando's, a burger, you'll opt for a McDonald's or Five Guys, either way, you know what you're expecting before you enter the doors.

As someone living in London, I am seeing Gaucho's popping up all over the place. A restaurant that used to be quite exclusive is now a local hangout to 'the city slicker'. However I have a problem with this. When it comes to taste and flavour, Gaucho is the McDonalds to Goodman's Five Guys. The separation between KFC and Nando's.... However one huge thing stands out to me and that's the bill. I do not see that the two restaurants should be so equally priced. In fact, I often find Gaucho's pricier, especially when trying to achieve the best possible cut of meat. 

So what drives you when deciding where you're going to eat. Value for money, quality of food, atmosphere, menu options, service?

Well hands down, whatever the occasion, I would certainly recommend Goodman's as the place to eat.