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Sahara Grill

Sometimes it's nice to go out for a good quality meal but make it as casual as you like... Dress it up or dress it down, that's your call. But whichever you choose, let's talk about the food. 

Sahara Grill has been a favourite of mine for some time now, mainly because it's local, it's friendly with fantastic hospitality and of course... The food is delicious. 

Yes, it's not often I throw the words delicious around however do not just take my word for it. If my opinion is questionable, let me assure you that over the years, whoever I have taken as a guest has agreed. 

Let's also take in the fact that it's so easy for me to run the bill up as I cannot simply settle for just 1, 2 or 3 options. 

But let's talk about my most recent visit... I had to get the chicken wings to start. And I highly recommend that you do also! Why? Gosh... They're crispy on the outside and with that, you feel the crunch as you sink your teeth in, where you immediately collide with the soft, juicy centre. 

The wings take me back to my time in the US where wings are king. Certainly not your typical wing found outside specialist spots in London. For a restaurant that sits on the border of East London and Essex that does not specialise in chicken wings whatsoever, they are certainly punching above their own weight and a must try. 

On to my main, I always get the steak, without fail whenever I come to Sahara Grill. On this occasion, I opted for the ribeye. You get a decent piece of halal meat topped with easily one of the best homemade gravies I have experienced. The gravy is seasoned well and marinated with onions which really help bring out the flavour of the meat. 

I also ask the waiter to ensure that they cover my chips with the gravy also. I insist you try this also, simply put, it's an orgasm in your mouth. And when is that not a good thing? 

Along with my main, I also ordered a side of the lamb chops which usually are a starter but I think make a perfect side when you love to pack as much meat into a meal as possible. They come flame grilled, well marinated and on a bed of fried onions. Full of flavour and taste.

Finally, I have to say that I strongly recommend their home made coleslaw. It has a nice sweet kick to it, very subtle and really helps bring out the flavours and the dynamic of the food. 

Overall, it's always a great experience and the hospitality is always great. You feel the owners genuinely value their customers which goes a long way in the service department. 

Simply put, I recommend Sahara Grill highly as an all round dining experience. The do cater for large groups and small simple 'in and out' dining so whatever the occasion you'll fit in.