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The Swan

I have been recommended The Swan on a few occasions by several people living in Kent, so it clearly comes with a reputation. Therefore it would be rude not to check it out.

The bar/restaurant certainly is quaint and sits in a cosy little village within Kent. When entering the restaurant we were greeted and told that our table would be a 10-minute wait and directed to the bar. Usually, I detect this as a ploy to push the bill up which can be quite frustrating however this was soon forgotten when I started to explore the cocktail the menu. I was happy to sample a couple of the cocktails on the menu by this time and no longer cared that the table was now taking longer than the 10-minute estimation despite the booking. 

Throughout the host reconnected with us and once seated the service was fantastic throughout. We swiftly ordered a bottle of rose prosecco to set the mood for the table. The menu great. It was British food taken to another level. The combination of flavours which complemented one another were fantastic. Specifically my starters, a crispy duck egg, chorizo and wild mushroom ragout, quince and apple. Let me bring this to life for you... It was like a scotch egg wrapped with chorizo and I cannot praise the combination of mushroom and apple. Something I'm sure many do not think of however this worked so well.

On to the main, I opted for the grass-fed steak with a side of glazed carrots. The combination again worked well. The steak was a good cut of meat cooked well and the carrots were outstanding. 

The dining experience was relaxed and the service was so great, it encouraged us to relax and stay for longer, sipping on prosecco and enjoying the atmosphere. With that said, when being given the desert menu it would have been rude to not take a look. And then I stumbled across the 'tea poached pear' which was in a hazelnut crumble and served with honeycomb ice cream. 

I'm not a desert fan, however, this stood out to me. I would order this dessert over and over again.

All three courses were great, the atmosphere was perfect and the drinks were fantastic. This is a dining experience I would love to try again.