5 Benefits of Water Fasting

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Depending on how you’ve come across me, you’ve probably noticed that I do two things pretty well… Eat food and water fast.

Water fasting isn’t a day to day occurrence for me; I simply love food too much.

This means, my want and need to water fast comes for two main reasons, 1) to lost weight, and as much weight as possible in a reasonable period of time and 2) to detox my body from the year of eating I’ve endured.

From here on in, you’re about to hear what I have researched and come across on during my experience of extended water fasting. Am I a doctor? No. Am I qualified in any way from a medical profession? Again, no.

What I can tell you draws from my person experience of several prolonged water fasts. Water fasting from 21 – 31 day periods, therefore, take advice as somebody with experience and feel free to consult a medical professional if you decide you’d like to water fast.

Now, with that said, here have been my experiences.

Weight Loss

During my experience, I consistently lose 2lb per day in weight. This has been a consistent trend during every fast I have done. Although this is an average, you will find that the weight loss is quicker in the first 3 days as you will lose mainly water weight during this period. However, the weight loss is a consistent 2lbs per day throughout the fast.

Why is this relevant? Because most good diets will state that 2lbs is a good target to lose per week. This means that you’re well ahead of schedule whilst water fasting.

What happens next? Depending on your body and current diet, it’ll take 4-6 days for your body to enter ketosis. Once this happens, your body will start to utilise your body’s fat storage as an energy source, helping your weight loss further.

So, we’ve gone over the weight loss, the reason most people will be looking into water fasting; however, there are several more benefits that need to be discussed. So, let’s start.

Mental Clarity & Health

You’re about to have a lot of mental clarity… And I mean, a lot!

After several water fasts, there has been one consistent thing, day 4. There is something bout day 4, which is a game-changer. Where you’ll find days 2-3 the hardest, day 3, often being the breaking point for most people, day 4 is the day where things really change.

This is the reason that I urge people to aim for this as their first milestone.

Day 4 is the day of clarity; there’s something incredibly spiritual about the way you feel on day 4, and that’s coming from somebody that doesn’t consider themselves as spiritual. This is the day that you receive a lot of “ah-ha” moments. Hunger at this point massively disappears. It’s at this point where your appetite dwindles daily and your need for food switches from urges of hunger, to boredom due to the change in your routine.

Now, there are pros and cons at this point. Your mind is a lot clearer. You see things differently, and you don’t have any ‘brain dumps’, this means your thinking at your sharpest. If you’re entrepreneurial, this is the time where your brain will start to give you answers to questions that you’ve been stuck on.

This, however, can all come with a pretty big con. At this point, you’ll start to experience insomnia. Mainly because your mind is overactive.

Hunter/Gatherer Mindset

When you get to the point where you have been fasting for over a week, your mind starts to look at food completely differently. This is the point where you realise, essentially, we are hunter, gathers.

Yes, you really do start to think like a caveman (person), and it starts to hit you. We do not actually need 3 meals per day, $5 coffee’s and snacks throughout the day.

We were created to hunt, store our food and eat 2-3 times per week. Once that mindset hits you, your fast becomes easier. It also becomes easier for you to keep this mindset when you finish your fast as it stops you wanting to binge eat, which will undo the hard work of the fast.

I find that once I finish my fast, I then move on to intermittent fasting with a 16:8 split, meaning I don’t eat for 16 hours, then consume my meals in that 8-hour window.

This has two great benefits; it will be harder for you to put weight back on as you have a small window to eat and it also helps your digestive system.

We’ll come back to intermittent fasting in the future, let’s not get distracted.

New Appreciation for Food

You’ll start to get random cravings for foods that do not last long at all, but it’s as if you can taste the food. Personally, I found myself watching hours of food vloggers on YouTube… And I mean, for hours! Remember, you can’t sleep so what else is there to do. I like to eat vicariously through others and it’s extremely satisfying.

You will also find that when you come off of your fast, your taste buds are heightened. If you can last over 21 days, you’ll notice that your tastebuds reset and your first feed is almost orgasmic. Yes, many people that fast for a month period will agree with this. It’s like fireworks exploding on your tongue.

You also respect food and your body more. Meaning, if you can’t finish your plate of food, you’ll leave it and save it for later. Your body understands that you don’t have to finish all the food in front of you, which can be hard as many of us are raised to eat everything on our plates and not to waste food.

Body Repair

Personally, I have sinus issues which you may not notice from speaking to me, however, if you check out the video of my 31 Day Water Fast Transformation (LINK HERE), you can clearly hear my voice change from the start to the end of the fast.

Snoring was no longer an issue; I also no longer had serious breathing issues.

This made me feel better within myself, and others also recognised it too.

I also noticed that my skin tags and scars shrunk dramatically. After research, I came across several articles that suggested that as we live in a western society, our bodies have several pesticides in us. At this point, they are part of our bodies and water fasting flushes them out. As they live off of the junk within our bodies, if you go a prolonged time without food. You are no longer feeding them. This leaves them to either die off or look to feed off of our scar tissue. This is a great way to heal our bodies.

This is due to autography. Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells

I had people continuously bring up the fact that my skin was much clearer and that I looked years younger.

I also found a significant increase in testosterone. This meant that I was often uncontrollably aroused. My erections were thicker and fuller, and I felt like my sex drive was reset back to my early 20’s.

I found that I achieved my personal bests when working out and lifted heavier weights and had more intense workouts, despite not having any food in my system for weeks.

This is because your body increases it’s GHG, which is your body’s natural growth hormone.

What makes this even more significant is the fact that during my water fast, having intercourse just once, my partner fell pregnant. I bring this up because it highlights the fact that your body repairing itself and increase of testosterone can be a support to couples that are trying to conceive.

In addition to this life-changing fact, it has also been said and highly researched that water fasting can have an impact in fighting cancer. This is due to your body’s autography.

As your body is hitting the reset button, your body fights against its build-up of toxins and new, healthier cells start to form. As our body often carries pesticides, they are starved during water fasts, causing them to eat away at tumorous cells to survive, which can lead to pausing, shrinking or evening curing tumours, of which cancer can be linked.

Autophagy declines as we age, so this means cells that no longer work or may do harm are allowed to multiply, which is the modus operandi of cancer cells.


As you can see, several benefits come from fasting. These are the ones that stand out to me as someone that has water fasted for prolonged periods over the years.

I am no doctor or medical profession. However, everything I have highlighted has been consistent through each fast. During my time water fasting, I have felt like an entirely different version of myself, and I love that feeling, which often lasts for months after the fast is over.

With regards to the medical recommendations, I have researched extensively. Though many doctors may not recommend water fasting to cure many diseases, I would take their advice with the caveat that in the modern world, the money is in “treating the cure” and not the prevention or complete cure.

I highly recommend water fasting as something that people should do as they progress through life to help set that reset button. Intermittent fasting is also fantastic for the body and something that I transition to after prolonged water fasting.

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