Being a Parentpreneur

For me, it all started with the term, mompreneur. I often heard this term thrown around on social media. For a long time, I simply ignored it, well... Up until lockdown. 

I used to see myself as an entrepreneur that was a dad; however, a 'dadpreneur' is my reality.

A dad that runs a business as well as running his family. During quarantine, I quickly realised, I fell into this bracket.

How did I feel about this? Well... It made me rethink my thinking of the "mumpreneur' meaning. I'd often thought this was just a marketing ploy, this "girl power" lead, the female movement that hated men and leveraged the fact they were women, in a battle to "Stick together and suck it to the man"

In reality, the parentpreneur role should be renamed to - MULTITASKING GOD. And come with a gold medal because it's an extremely testing "job", however, it's also the most rewarding role not only in business but in life.

I used to see myself as an entrepreneur that was a dad; however, a 'dadpreneur' is a whole different ball game. What I've quickly realised is that being an entrepreneur is a luxury.

Last year, that was the case. I was an entrepreneur that was mainly free to go out, meet clients, take calls at my leisure, go on business trips whenever I feel and work an entirely flexible schedule.

This year, the balance switched. Mum went back to work, nurseries were closed, and it was just my son and I.

Being an entrepreneur is sexy, it's powerful, it can be quite a selfish role. Whether you’re a male or female! A one-person band that is free to roam and take opportunities whenever and however.

Being a dadpreneur is not as sexy... I mean, even saying it out loud, I even picture myself with a dad bod... And feel a little disgusted in myself. 🤣

OK, so shall we talk about the point where I thought I invented the word? Yes, that's right; my ego actually made me believe it. I was playing with my son and heard some discussions around Mumpreneur, which lead me to think, "well actually, I'm a Dadpreeur”. I felt angered yet I felt good about myself, went to my MacBook, logged in to GoDaddy, and went to buy the domain, and to my surprise, it wasn't there. Nope!! So I googled it, thinking "who's stolen my idea". Because that's what we do as entrepreneurs. I then learned there was a whole dadpreneur movement out there that had gone ahead and started without me. I mean, how dare they! Not only did they steal my idea and invent the time machine to implement it, but they also left me out of the plan! 😅

This is the point that I started to look into it more, find definitions and understand more around the different types of... Let's say, parentrepeneur's. (Let me see if that domain is taken!)

So, there seems to be a preneur for EVERYTHING.

So what is a parentpreneur? As the name suggests, it’s a parent that’s also an entrepreneur or business owner. 

  • As a parentprenuer, how do you overcome the day to day challenges?

  • How do you pick what to outsource? 

  • What to strategically do around the day to day managing of the family? 

  • And what do you do after hours, when the kids are in bed and in that case, how do you stop yourself burning out? 

Let’s start by acknowledging that as a mum or dadpreneur, there is no hiding.

There’s also no work/life balance. And You have to make a decision and take risks. 

In the words of GaryVee, sometimes you’ve got to each shit for a while for the rewards… But your family is involved. There’s more emotion at this point.

How do you overcome this? 

  • The first step I would suggest is to break down your tasks. 

  • Set out in advance, what can be done in the evenings/weekends. 

  • Spend an evening doing a SWOT analysis of your business.

Within the SWOT, look at your time management and be brutally honest with yourself.

The best part about a good SWOT analysis is to that it allows you to set yourself some SMART objectives.

The objectives that you set out will allow you to prioritise, what you delegate and when. There are plenty of services that you can outsource to the likes of Fiverr and Upwork or even to a virtual assistant. 

You see, as an entrepreneur, one of the things we are all consistently guilty of, is trying to do EVERYTHING. Trying to do everything leads to nothing being done.

Don’t try to be a superhero! 

When you learn to alleviate ownership of particular tasks and delegate effectively, you’ll see how productive you can be. 

One of the biggest challenges you have as a parentpreneur, is that there’s no school to teach you this. It’s experience-based, and you learn most by the lessons you make. Though we don’t actively seek those challenges, you need to understand that they will mould you far better than any school or course can teach you. 

In fact, a lot of successful business people have spawn businesses out of their biggest challenges, or starting a business when an unplanned baby has come along… However, this is what often makes them rise to the challenge. 

So this is the part where I reassure you. You ARE the boss!! You have no manager to report in to, and all responsibilities fall on you. 

You have to be more resilient than ever!

Remember, the more you hustle, the luckier you get! 

There are so many challenges as a business owner, but many lie closer to home than you may expect. And with the challenges of the global pandemic and many people working from home that aren’t even business owners, there’s a lot to unpack.

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