Are you passionate about life, having fun, traveling, eating at the best restaurants, in style, while feeling and looking great in the process? Then you're in the right place.  

I am an entrepreneur who has worked in the corporate world over the past 10 years, amassing success throughout several roles within the retail and business environment. 

My time in the corporate world has given me an eye to build successful relationships with high profile brands while earning vast value for my clients.

I started from the bottom within my profession and soon rose to one of the most profiled roles within the business through hard work, determination, focus and drive.

I had found my calling and something I was extremely passionate about and this sparked my competitive and obsessive nature. 


Over the course of the years I was managing a multimillion pound P&L while delivering sales profits of over a million pounds per week. 

As an entrepreneur my new goal is to take what separates me from the corporate world and bring it to the you with style. Welcome to ShayneWilliams.com

Working in a corporate environment they try to teach you to tussle between being a good manager and a great leader. What they cannot teach you is how to be an entrepreneur and that’s what separated me from others. 

My aim is to help you collaborate with brands and bring you more value while allowing brands to reach their target audience, you

If you’re passionate about business, gadgets, music, fashion, food and/or sport then follow my journey and subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates